Water for Aabra Village - Help Lebanon!

The people of Aabra, Lebanon, need a solar-powered system to keep their water running daily. For only $84 you can provide a regular supply of clean water to one villager in Aabra for years to come.

This small, historic village of Aabra is named as a place that Jesus passed through. But today, the nearly 1,800 residents who once thrived are suffering without regular access to clean water! People like the sweet little Lucas and his friends.

There's a simple solution to this crisis. You! Well, you and the solar-powered system.

Since the massive and tragic explosion that devastated Beirut in 2020, the Lebanese economy has spiraled out of control. Today the money is worth a mere 5% of what it was two years ago, but everything still costs the same or even more. Now food, housing, medical, and fuel prices have become astronomical. Electricity is rarely running. And as a result, water can't even be pumped into homes!

The village of Aabra has a clean water system. However, much of the time, there's no electricity to get the water to the residents. They have gone days at a time with no access to water. Villagers are forced to purchase water when they are already financially drained. As they struggle just to feed their families and keep a roof over their heads in the devastated economy, the water situation is now driving them to desperation.

A reliable water system would make a massive difference for the families and children of Aabra. They could once again shower, do laundry, clean their homes, and drink cool refreshing water as much as they need. What a huge blessing this would be to children playing outdoors in the summer, students who need refreshment, parents after a long day of work, or the elderly on a hot day.  

Would you please reach deep into your heart and help these hurting people? The entire system will cost $150,000. But when you break that over 1,800 residents, that's a mere $84 per person. And you have the power to give water to one, two, or even ten people in Aabra.